Paris in June

This portfolio comprises a series of pictures taken during two short trips to Paris. As these were business trips, I was limited in time and to small areas. Being restricted to practical boundaries is an interesting exercise. Luckily I managed to find the time to go  the Cartier-Bresson Foundation (for the Robert Adams exhibition) and took some pictures in and outside the building.

On both occasions, the city was immersed in a suffocating heat, with the same sort of heavy light casting sharp shadows (but when the night comes…) I simply called it Paris in June.

DSCF3533DSCF3549DSCF3751 copyDSCF3789 copyDSCF3788DSCF3800DSCF3528DSCF3833DSCF3570DSCF3578DSCF3542DSCF3536DSCF3535DSCF3782DSCF3783DSCF3829DSCF3821DSCF3844DSCF3850

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