So what now?

Ok, I’ll spare you the tirade about how I’m happy we’re done with 2020, how the pandemic is affecting my life, the way I shoot, etc. The original plan was that and then explaining how I would start the new year showcasing my newly overhauled color palette I had been working on for so long (and maybe my film photography work, and portraits, and…) However, there is no new color palette and I’m afraid I have to admit I’m still stuck with Fujifilm’s Acros film simulation, which I still find just awesome under low light.

So I guess 2021 will start for me like 2020 ended, with lots of random monochrome shots, until I finally put together something different from my recent photographic habits and which is also worth sharing.

Thanks for visiting this site. Never underestimate how much I value it. Have a gorgeous 2021!

Charleroi, Belgium

Fujifilm X100F

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