Back to analogue Pt. 15 (Shadowplay)

I've been posting 35mm analog frames from quite a while now (the beginning of the year?) The last roll I shared was an Ilford HP5 plus which did not give me complete satisfaction (although some of you seemed to appreciate it). This type of film should benefit from optimal exposure conditions in order to render the contrasts as they should be - according to my readings. This, when most of my shots were taken in the dim evening light... 
In spite of this, I tried my luck again with an FP4 roll and another camera, a 1967 Canon FT QL (bought on a flea market for ca. 50 EUR). Here is the result. All this to say that I do not feel ready to post digital photographs again. I need inspiration and maybe renew my color palette (or go back to black and white). Until everything comes back in its right place, I'll continue digging up frames from my 35mm photo stock...

Camera: Canon FT QL

Film: Ilford FP4 Plus developed in lab

Frame taken in September 2019 in Belgium

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