Paris in June

This portfolio comprises a series of pictures taken during two short trips to Paris. As these were business trips, I was limited in time and to small areas. Being restricted to practical boundaries is an interesting exercise. Luckily I managed to find the time to go  the Cartier-Bresson Foundation (for the Robert Adams exhibition) andContinue reading “Paris in June”

Urbex MsS 6061

Urban exploration in Montignies-sur-Sambre (MsS, zip code 6061) in Charleroi, Belgium, around river Sambre, the railroad, the underspass under the never-ever-used metro line, concrete bridges, the abandoned BAM brewery, the Saint-Remy’s church,… Maybe it’s a bit unfair to focus on the decaying areas of the city, when Charleroi is now often portayed as a cityContinue reading “Urbex MsS 6061”